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3D scanning offers an efficient digital solution when there is a need to reverse engineer old parts for replacement or parts without existing CAD models. Reverse engineering is a powerful tool for additive manufacturing, and the combination of both can greatly enhance product design as well as shorten the product development cycle.

Combining 3D printing and 3D scanning systems presents significant advantages to engineering applications requiring higher accuracy and shorter product development time. Shree Rapid Technologies (SRT) offers premium scanning technology in the country for renowned brands like ZEISS and GOM.

ATOS Q is a lightweight and flexible 3D scanner with compact ATOS Q sensors which delivers complex measurements and inspection results, and specifically developed for industry use. It captures quality information quickly and with a high degree of detail along with its Triple Scan Principle that offers advantages for measuring reflective surfaces and objects with indentations.

The Blue Light Equalizer and fast data processing enhances the performing capabilities of the scanner.

3D Scanning: Capture Precise 3D Models for Design & Manufacturing

The portable T-SCAN hawk 2, the next-generation lightweight 3D laser scanner, comes with metrology-grade precision and remarkable ease of use. Whatever the task, wherever the job, this is a power tool that fits right in your hand.

T-SCAN hawk 2 operates with GOM Inspect, the well-established standard in 3D metrology and part of the ZEISS Quality Suite. It supports scanning on a wide range of materials and surfaces, delivering 3D measurement data with the highest precision.

Fast and smooth scanning. Intuitive operation. Guided workflows. Great software. Made in Germany. Made by ZEISS. Made for you.

3D Scanning: Capture Precise 3D Models for Design & Manufacturing

The ZEISS T-SCAN system captures 3D data without any part preparation. The modular all-in-one laser scanning solution offers maximum flexibility for a wide variety of applications and surfaces. With its perfectly matched components - the hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner, the optical tracking system T-TRACK and the touch probe T-POINT – form an intuitive and highly precise 3D metrology solution.

3D Scanning: Capture Precise 3D Models for Design & Manufacturing

GOM Scan 1 is a lightweight scanning solution featuring a compact shape and robust design filled with advanced technologies to capture 3D data intuitively. From GOM’s Blue Light Technology to the stereo camera principle, this sensor is built to deliver 3D data with high precision and with pre-installed GOM Inspect it takes meshes to the next level.

3D Scanning: Capture Precise 3D Models for Design & Manufacturing
3D Scanning: Capture Precise 3D Models for Design & Manufacturing

ZEISS is an internationally leading technology company operating in the optics and optoelectronics industries which develops, produces and distributes highly innovative solutions for industrial metrology and quality assurance, microscopy solutions for the life sciences and materials research, as well as medical technology solutions for diagnostics and treatment in ophthalmology and microsurgery.

3D Scanning: Capture Precise 3D Models for Design & Manufacturing

GOM, a company of the ZEISS Group, specializes in the ATOS series of industrial non-contact 3D scanners using structured blue light which provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speed. The combination of the stereo camera technology with GOM's reference point system allows ATOS to guarantee process reliability.

ATOS solutions are used in various industries for the inspection of parts such as sheet metals, tools and dies, turbine blades, prototypes and injection-molded and pressure die-cast parts.

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