3D Printing Post-Processing: Professional Finishing Solutions

Post-processing is the last and essential stage of additive manufacturing which improves the quality of parts and ensures that they meet their design specifications. The finishing process can enhance a part’s surface characteristics, geometric accuracy, aesthetics and mechanical properties.

Shree Rapid Technologies (SRT) provides superior finishing systems in India in association with global leader in Additive Manufacturing Finishing Systems, DyeMansion and major Electron Beam Technology supplier, TECHMETA.

Powder Bed Fusion Technology

The first industrial coloring solution for Powder Bed Fusion parts

DyeMansion has quickly emerged as the global leader in additive manufacturing finishing systems for 3-D printed polymer parts, with its ability to deliver precision coloring and high-quality finishes for even the most exact specifications. DyeMansion offers a print-to-product workflow inclusive of cleaning, surfacing and coloring.

3D Printing Post-Processing: Professional Finishing Solutions

DyeMansion Powershot C

The DyeMansion Powershot C manufactured from stainless steel offers

  • Instantaneous cleaning with a combination of two simultaneously blasting and ionizing nozzles along with a rotating basket which removes the powder efficiently.
  • The configurable timer allows a constant batch processing and parts can be processed much faster.
  • Not only lowers investment and operating costs but also cuts down the process time.
3D Printing Post-Processing: Professional Finishing Solutions
PowerShot S

The automated mechanical PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) offers

  • Efficient and cost-effective process to achieve the finest end-use part finish.
  • Works perfectly for hard plastics like PA12 or PA11 across all geometries
  • Cycle time of only 10 minutes.
  • Capacity of a mid-sized build job per run.
  • Delivers a unique matt-glossy look and pleasant haptics for most of 3D-printed end-use applications.
PowerFuse S

The VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) delivers

  • Sealed and washable parts with injection molding like surfaces.
  • Reduces surface roughness to a minimum.
  • Ensures a reproducible processing of complex geometries and internal surfaces.
  • Works for all common plastics and particularly for flexible polymers such as TPU.
  • Offers fully automatic loading, connectivity and batch tracking features.
3D Printing Post-Processing: Professional Finishing Solutions

DyeMansion DM60

The innovative DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology offers

  • Unlimited color choices, in addition to over 170 RAL and standardized colors,
  • Ready-to-use without additional development costs and waiting times,
  • Extensive color matching also offers the possibility of creating individual tones.
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