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Materials with performance your application needs.
SRT offers an extensive and versatile portfolio of 3D printing materials that address the widest range of applications and performance characteristics in additive manufacturing, with plastic, composite, metal, ceramic and more materials from 3D systems, Markforged, 3D Ceram.

Ranging from aluminum, maraging steel, stainless steel, copper, various grades of titanium, as well as nickel and cobalt chrome alloys from 3D Systems and 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, Copper, Inconel 625, H13 Tool Steel & A2 and D2 Tool Steel from Markeforged are an extensive range of sophisticated, ready-to-run metal alloys offered by SRT for the metal 3D printer range.


Plastic 3D printing materials deliver a wide array of engineering plastics, elastomers and composites and match your specific applications needs in terms of flexibility, durability, stiffness, toughness, stability, clarity, look and feel, bio-compatibility, temperature or water resistance and more. From concept modeling and functional testing to rapid tooling and direct 3D parts manufacturing, SRT offers a large range of performance boosting plastic materials by 3D Systems.


With a choice of 100% wax material for high resolution patterns for use with standard lost-wax casting process or castable plastics for ash-free clean shell investment castings, increase metal castings quality and productivity. From micro-detailed to extra-large, get precision metal parts fast by printing accurate, repeatable and affordable sacrificial patterns without tooling.


Ceramics are ideal materials for parts that need to be corrosion and mechanical wear and tear resistant even at high temperatures. Ceramic materials used as in technical applications satisfies extremely high demands in terms of their properties. Ceramics are used for a wide range of specialized applications in different industries from automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics, energy to the biomedical field.

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