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Material Innovations Expands Production Applications.
3D printing originated as a tool for rapid prototyping and now has evolved to take over different technologies in various industries. This evolution has shown a rapid growth in the number of companies adopting the technology.
Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace and Defence industry is a great example of how Additive Manufacturing is utilised with a clear perspective of the ability to create parts that are stronger and lighter than parts made using traditional manufacturing.

Implementing this technology at all stages of design workflow for all the applications in this industry.


3D printing industry is well recognized by the medical industry for the values of additive manufacturing. With ability to make personalized and precised medical solution, new tools and advanced 3D technology is brings doctors closer to patients, delivering treatments and devices customized to better serve every individual uniquely.


Continuous design Innovations and engineering, needs precise and reliable technology. 3D technology provides solutions such as scanning, design, prototyping, and production for the automotive industry which help automakers move into the fast lane of automotive manufacturing.


3D Printing provides considerably shorter lead times that are associated with traditional engineering methods such as casting or machining. It also enables on-time manufacturing of required parts in preferred materials.


3D printing in dentistry will improve results for patient care while simultaneously shifting production from overseas dental labs back to local facilities. With 3D printing it is easier to manufacture crowns, bridges, caps, dentures and all kinds of dental implants as well as construct surgical tools and 3D print the drill guides that are needed to complete certain dental procedures.


3D printing has revolutionized jewellery industry with the key aspects of Uniqueness, precision, and attention to detail. Therefore, this technology is now used to create patterns for investment casting and to print jewellery directly making the process way easier than the traditional method. Many jewellers have bought 3D printing into execution to improvise the way things were done for hundreds of years.

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